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Trainer: Heath Pucel

Monday 05/14/18
Developing lessons with Lesson Maker, Part 1
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Tuesday 06/05/18
What is new with Wordsearch 12!
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Monday 07/09/18
"What's there to see?"
Initial observation strategies in studying a text, Part 1
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Monday 09/10/18
WordSearch layout strategies for effective Bible study.
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Monday 12/10/18
"Let's go exploring!"
Using WordSearch explorer tools to get more out of your study.
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Monday 01/28/19
"Context is King!"
Strategies for determining the meaning of the passage from the immediate context.
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Monday 04/15/19
"To whom shall I fear?"
Studying the Fear of God/ Fear of Man.
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Monday 09/16/19
Thompson Chain Reference Bible

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Webinar ID: 945-919-859

Monday 10/21/19
What does the Bible teach about Hell?

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Webinar ID: 817-304-267

Monday 11/11/19
The Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection

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Webinar ID: 498-534-003

Monday 12/9/19
How to Prepare a Sermon, Part 1

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Webinar ID: 818-108-499