DigitalSword Paperback Print, eBook & Audio (PRE-ORDER)
DigitalSword Paperback Print, eBook & Audio (PRE-ORDER)

DigitalSword Paperback Print, eBook & Audio (PRE-ORDER)

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Pre-Order Update

9/31 eBook released
10/15 Audio book released (Bonus: Added free of charge)
10/20 Printed Book Ships
11/1 Bonus training videos start to release via web

DigitalSword - How to Study and Prepare a Sermon with Your Computer (Print & eBook)

  1. 300+ pages, 14 chapters, images, charts, and tables are included
  2. You will receive the following: Paperback Print, eBook & audio book.
  3. This book will teach you how to study the Bible and prepare a message
  4. Training videos from various Bible Software programs will be included via web (Accordance, BibleWorks, WordSearch, and Logos Bible Software)

Format of the Book

Each chapter is formatted as follows:

  1. Preparation – We will introduce a topic, provide background material, and lay the groundwork for you to apply the ideas for each step in the Bible study and sermon preparation process.
  2. Instruction – Here we’ll provide in-depth information so you can focus a specific Bible study and/or sermon preparation step.
  3. Application and Practice – Two examples will be provided. One from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, so you can see how to apply the knowledge you have gained so far and practice yourself.
  4. Training Videos – Links to videos will be provided for additional Bible software training. Here you will learn how to use your Bible software for Bible study and/or sermon preparation.
  5. Extra Credit – Here is additional information, training, and exercises to further your skill in studying the Bible and/or preparing a sermon.
  6. Excel Still More – One of the best ways to improve is to analyze what you have accomplished. This section will provide self-evaluating questions so you can critique yourself and confirm you are on a path of improvement.
  7. Recommended Books – If you wish learn more, a brief list of books is included for additional study.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Before You Preach, Worship!

  • Learn to integrate pray into your Bible study, and sermon preparation on delivery.

Chapter 2 – Finding the Treasure in the Text

  • Learn how to outline any Biblical text and determine the main point of the passage easily

Chapter 3 – Removing the Veil of Babel

  • Learn which words to look up and how to leverage word studies for your sermon and the audience

Chapter 4 – Opening up the Time Capsule

  • Learn how to discover the key historical facts for the background of any passage in the Bible

Chapter 5 – Seeing the Forest and the Trees

  • Learn the 13 key theological themes of the Bible and how to identify the key theological theme of a passage

Chapter 6 – Hop, Skip, and Jump

  • Learn how to cross reference effectively and where to place key references in your sermon

Chapter 7 – Double Take

  • Learn how to use commentaries to check your work and improve your sermon

Chapter 8 – Virtual Reality: Illustrating in Multi-Sensory Mode

  • Learn how to find and use illustrations with impact

Chapter 9 – Living Proof: Incarnating the Living Word

  • Learn how to principlize the text and effectively share applications with your audiencw

Chapter 10 – Ingredients to Ingestion: Is your Message a Meal, Morsel, or Just Empty Calories?

  • Learn how to arrange a sermon expositionally, topically, and devotionally

Chapter 11– Tickling Ears to Training Hearts: What Kind of Message are you Communicating?

  • Learn to us use rhetoric to improve your Sermon

Chapter 12 – A Rose by any other Name Would Smell as Sweet!

  • Overview of various delivery methods, PowerPoint, and Adapting the Message to your audience

Chapter 13 – Drop anchor! Dealing with Deep and Difficult Passages

  • Learn how to work through difficult passages

Chapter 14 Going Mobile

  • Learn how to leverage your smart phone, tablets for Bible study, Sermon Preparation, and Delivery